Aaron McHugh’s Meningitis Story

Aaron McHugh

Pamela McHugh (Mother)
County Galway
Son Aaron Had Bacterial Meningitis
Contracted In 2003
Aged 2 Weeks

I was a new mother just 2 weeks after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. I was at home in my parents’ house with Aaron on a Saturday evening. Aaron was crying most of the day, but he was still feeding ok. He was red all over so I thought he might have a temperature. It was only when my parents came home that my dad said to me that Aaron was not looking well and we should take him to the hospital. So we brought him to the hospital and when we arrived the nurse took him from me. I was not allowed into the room with them while they carried out tests on him. Aaron was started on antibiotics straight away. The nurse told me she thought Aaron might have meningitis and this was confirmed hours later.

I was terrified and did not really understand what it was, but knew it was not good. Aaron had to stay in hospital for 2 weeks, but thank God he made a full recovery. Symptoms included being very agitated, high pitched cry, red in colour from head to toe and cold feet. As after effects, Aaron has learning difficulties in the form of Dyslexia and ADHD. He finds it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time and gets frustrated easily. He will be assessed again by child psychiatrist before leaving primary school.

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