ACT for Meningitis implore people’s awareness as families set back to school and college this September

It is vital with the severity of Meningitis that individuals, parents and guardians know there is a higher risk of Meningitis during the coming months.

There is a higher risk of meningitis at this time of year due to the fact people spend a lot more time indoors in close contact during the Autumn/Winter months, germs are spread more easily. As coming down with a ‘cold’ or the ‘flu’ may weaken the immune system this also can also make you more susceptible to the disease. People must also be aware that meningitis can present with symptoms similar to that of the flu  and as there are still no vaccinations against all strains of the disease knowing the signs and symptoms is your own or your families best form of defence.friendly schoolchildren at Sidcot school

Knowing the signs and symptoms of Meningitis can save a life. They may appear in any order or some may not appear at all. Siobhan Carroll CEO of ACT for Meningitis said ” The symptoms may be difficult to spot so we ask people to Trust their Instincts and if they suspect Meningitis , seek medical help immediately.

The signs of Meningitis can include vomiting, fever, headache, stiff neck, severe muscle pain, confusion.
Symptoms in babies may include being irritable, refusing to feed, high pitched crying, rapid breathing and cold hands and feet, bulging soft spot on head.  Meningitis does not always produce a rash, but if it does appear it will not fade under pressure

Children up to age 5 are the most at risk age group, 16-24yr olds are the second highest at risk age group and we urge students especially to be  vigilant throughout this time  , but anyone of any age can contract meningitis.

ACT for Meningitis is here to support anyone that has been affect by the disease or if you would like further information on  this devastating disease don’t hesitate to contact us.

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