Meningitis B Petition

Meningitis B Petition

Meningitis B Petition - Help Us Save Lives

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The meningitis B vaccine will be introduced by the JCVI to the childhood immunisation programme in the UK soon. ACT for Meningitis are now calling on the Irish Government to implement this vaccine in Ireland, before we are left with a situation where children in Northern Ireland will be protected from meningitis B, while children in the Republic of Ireland will be left vulnerable to this life-threatening disease. Meningitis B is the leading cause of bacterial meningitis in Ireland, particularly affecting infants and students. Ireland has the highest rate of cases in Europe. One in ten affected will die and one in five will be left with life-changing after-affects. Furthermore, our children are not protected against this disease. Join us in our campaign to get this vaccine introduced. To sign the petition you need to be aged 16 or over and living in Ireland.


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