Family Days

One of the many ways in which ACT for Meningitis provides meningitis support to families is by holding family days during the year. These family days give families a valuable opportunity to meet others who have had similar experiences and to ease the sense of isolation that the trauma associated with meningitis can leave people with. During our family days there are opportunities to work in personal development groups and therapeutic groups, as well as mingling with other families and forming friendships.

Family Days

This year we had our summer family day in Tayto Park. Family groups did a therapeutic family activity, which drew on personal inner strengths and how these strengths can be used to work together within the family. Many of the families who took part in this activity reported that it was fun and prompted them to think in a new, more positive way. There was also an opportunity for bereaved family members to talk about the person they had lost, their experiences and their struggles.

One of the things that motivates us here at ACT for Meningitis is to hear the feedback from families, which included people saying they “no longer feel alone” and how they have “finally found people who understand us and what we have been through”. One of our families spoke about “no longer feeling like an island in our journey”. This feedback is exactly why we do what we do.

ACT for Meningitis is here to support anyone who has been affected by meningitis and are the only charity in Ireland to provide free support services to individuals who have had this disease. For further information please contact us, or call us on 091 380058.

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