Killian Costello

Killian contracted pneumococcal meningitis at just 17months. He had no signs whatsoever only a coin sized rash that did not fade . His mother Jennifer tells their story…

killian1I was changing my son’s nappy on the Monday before we were due to go on holidays and I saw what looked like a very faint rash on his thigh . I put a glass on it and you could still see it ,so I rang my husband and told him, but I was not to concerned as he had no temp, nothing at all only this tiny rash ,but I still said I wanted to bring him to the GP, when we arrived they saw us as a emergency and told us we had to go to the hospital. Even at the hospital they were not too concerned as they said it looked to be something viral .To be on the safe side they decided to keep Killian in as a precaution. We were told he would be able to go home on the Wednesday pending test results. They started him on the antibodies and he was still full of life. The head consultant even said that no way did he think it was meningitis.

On Wednesday we waited all day for the results and finally the consultant came in and said Killian tested positive for pneumococcal meningitis. We were in shock but the doctor and nurses said they could not believe it, no symptoms no temp no signs only a tiny rash , we were told he had some one looking over him, that if I had not acted and brought him in when I did he would not be with us. The hospital ran lots of tests to try and understand why he was so well, as the days went on the rash became more apparent, killian2all over his legs,back arms , I do believe he had an angel looking over him. My cousin lost their darling little girl a few months before at the same age, they called her their butterfly, and minutes before I found the rash a little butterfly was circulating around me.

If you suspect meningitis please ACT and seek medical advice immediately.

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